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Rennert International was founded in 1973 by César Rennert, a former faculty member at New York University. Mr. Rennert's mission was to create a high quality language school that offered small classes with a focus on conversational teaching methods.

"We wanted an alternative from the way languages were taught at the university level," Mr. Rennert says. "We were forced to teach lots of grammar there, there was very little conversation in class, and the large number of students in classes made learning a language difficult."

Rennert's customer base shifted during the 1980s as an increasing percentage of its students came from overseas to the USA for ESL courses. "As the European and Asian economies improved it became more attainable for students to travel to this country for English courses," Mr. Rennert says.

Rennert responded by bolstering its English curriculum, adding programs for English students interested in business, professional and creative specializations. It established TOEFL preparation classes and tests for international students seeking admission to American universities. The popular internship program enabled students from overseas to work in New York companies and not-for-profit organizations so they could refine their Business English skills on the job. Determined to maintain an optimal learning experience for its students, Rennert's educators created 10 levels of proficiency for the school's English classes and a review process that ensures they are always at their correct level of learning.

Rennert launched its translations department soon after the school was founded in 1973. Over the years, it has evolved into a flourishing business that is widely respected in the language and translation industry. Rennert Translation Group has staked out specialties in market research, legal documents, beauty, banking, marketing, public relations, governmental and human resources translation, among other sectors..

Rennert started with one classroom, one teacher and one language. Almost four decades later, César Rennert's small enterprise has grown into a hub of international education and communication in New York City, Miami, Istanbul and Cyprus in the near future.