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General English
This course is designed for those individuals who want to improve and enhance their ability to communicate across all mediums and fulfill personal goals. You will develop and perfect your English skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking using proven methods and authentic materials developed over Rennert’s 37 years. Our experiential method ensures confidence and marked improvement in your conversation skills and will increase your chances for success in a world where English is becoming the most important language for international communication. Our small classes, with a maximum of ten students, are taught by experienced and qualified native teachers. We guarantee that you will have maximum participation leading to prolonged language retention and improvement.

All Rennert students can participate in our after-school activities, which take language learning out of the classroom and into real-life social and business situations.
Conversation Class
Keep it going! If you already speak English but want to keep it fresh and fluent, this class is for you. Various topics will be discussed including American culture, film, entertainment, sports and other dynamic subjects. Bring a friend and enjoy increasing your fluency in a relaxed environment.
Social English
Make an impact at social occasions and be part of the conversation at parties, networking events, business and social dinners with this 4-week specialized course. Social English will teach you the grammar, idioms and accompanying etiquette and linguistic devices necessary to relate well with colleagues and their spouses and international friends. At the end of each course, you will use the skills you’ve acquired at a meal in a local restaurant with your classmates and your teacher. Don’t be left out of the party!