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Business English
This course for upper-intermediate students will put you on track to a successful career by developing the English language skills necessary to communicate effectively in the changing world of business. Small classes with a maximum of ten students are taught by American English teachers. The course cover a wide range of topics and introduces language associated with marketing and advertising, international trade, government, finance, information technology and management. Learn business skills for presentations, emailing, telephoning and interviewing in English.
English for the Financial Industry
Financial English is a course designed to polish your existing English to ensure that you know all of the necessary vocabulary and jargon to accel in your career. This course is perfect for bankers, accountants and those who work in investments
English for Lawyers
This focused course emphasizes the terminology and accuracy of language necessary to communicate effectively in the field of law. Expand your legal vocabulary while you review cases and articles in English with American English teachers. Rennert offer small classes, with a maximum of ten students and teachers experienced in the field of law.
English for the Hospitality Industry
Communicate more easily and effectively with restaurant and hotel guests and international staff by taking this specialized course. Classes meet two mornings per week for two hours, before your workday begins so that you use your newly learned language skills right away. Gain a competitive edge and learn to create a more sophisticated and comfortable environment fro international clientele.