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TOEFL Success
Learn the strategies and skills necessary to dramatically improve your performance on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Upper-intermediate to advanced level students will work intensively on skills and test-taking strategies required to achieve a higher score on the four sections of the test. Rennert uses specially-developed techniques to ensure that classes are focused, dynamic and engaging for TOEFL test takers. Classes have a maximum of ten students and are taught by native speakers of English using proven teaching methods.
Rennert Istanbul offers preparation for this world-renowned examination at different ability levels. Our professionally-trained teachers lead students through all the varied language and examination skills necessary to succeed in the TOEIC exam. Get a better job with a good TOEIC score. The TOEIC® Listening and Reading test is a paper-and-pencil, multiple-choice assessment. There are 2 timed sections of 100 questions each.

Sample TOEIC Test

To see what score you will get on the real test before you pay to take it, come in to Rennert and take our sample test!
Its exactly the same as the real TOEIC exam, and graded and explained by a qualified teacher.
Its free for students of Rennert Istanbul, and for others it’s only 50TL!
The International English Language Testing System ( ILETS) is an internationally recognized direct English language assessment that is readily available throughout the world.

It is a dependable, practical and valid English language assessment primarily used by those seeking international education, professional recognition, bench-marking to international standards and global mobility. ILETS is one of the most respected English language exams. Though it is not as popular as TOEFL may be in some countries, it is just as accepted by most universities, masters programs and companies around the world. The test has an academic version, required for most university extrances, and a non-academic version, perfect for business requirements.

Rennert İstanbul can help you reach the score you need by teaching you the important skills required. You will learn how to answer questions more quickly and effectively. You will learn the necessary grammar. You will learn how to get the score that you want for your new job, new education, or new path in life.
Getting an advanced degree can create many opportunities. The GRE® revised General Test - the most widely accepted graduate admissions test worldwide - or the ever-popular GMAT exam for business school admissions, can bring you one step closer to achieving your career goals. And there has never been a better time to take the one test that gives you more opportunities for your future.

To get the best score you can get, its best to prepare for the test with teachers who know the test, and have taken it themselves before. Rennert İstanbul has these teachers!

We help with the question types, tricky vocabulary, tactics and skills for faster test-taking and how to make educated answers to get the best score that you can.