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Learn Turkish
Istanbul is full of life. It’s people, some of the most welcoming in the world. There is no better place to travel to see magestic, colorful history mix with the bustle and shine of a modern metropolis.

Since 2009, Rennert Istanbul has been training students, businesspeople, travelers, and expats from over 40 countries.

Our small class sizes, interactive and conversational lessons and daily activities help students to USE the language they learn in the classroom, REMEMBER it, and BUILD on it. Really learn how to SPEAK Turkish.
Survival Turkish :
An intensive, 1 week program, aimed at giving you exactly the language you need to get around during your stay in Turkey. Built-in activities re-enforce what you learn in class. After this course you will be able to order at restaurants, shop, greet new friends and better enjoy your time here in Turkey.
* Beginners only
* 12-hour course / 1 week
General Turkish :
The standard (20 lessons /week) or Intensive (30 lessons /week) General Turkish program teaches students to speak, understand, read and write Turkish.
Activity-supported learning ensures students have enough practice to retain what they learn.
Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate levels
20 or 30 lessons per week options / 2-12 weeks

Academic Turkish :
The Academic Turkish program is perfect for students who plan to study in a Turkish university, even if your specific program is conducted in English. This program teaches students more advanced, academic language skills, including technical writing, typical examination formats and classroom language used in a university setting.
This same program also prepares students for the government Turkish exam, which provides you with a government certificate stating your Turkish abilities. This can be used for a future job or as part of your university entrance application.
* Minimum Intermediate Turkish level required
* Test Prep program– minimum 8 weeks

Professional Turkish :
For business professionals or university students who want to get ahead with industry-specific language, our Professional Turkish program covers language needed for meetings, presentations, networking, emailing, telephoning and entertaining business guests.
* Minimum Intermediate Turkish level
* 20 lessons per week / 2-12 weeks

Turkish Plus Language Program Details :
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